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Evil Eye

Show notes for the 354th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Gypsy GenesThat Girl
Following up on their summer hit Red Hot Money, Gypsy Genes return with another scorcher. It’s already receiving considerable airplay in Malta and at this rate I expect it to become one of the trailblazers among the few Maltese pop rock songs that get further airplay over the years after the brief few months when they first appear. I hope they make a video for this one too. If/when they do, you can rest assured that I’ll place it right here and nominate it for the MMI 2013 Listeners’ Picks Poll, which opens in just a matter of weeks now.

Norbert BondinFeel Again
I’m delighted whenever singers or musicians contact me out of the blue. Such was the case with Norbert, who drew my attention to his debut song, which I’ve gladly included on this week’s podcast. He has a really good voice and I hope that this isn’t the last we hear of him. I haven’t seen him perform live, so I don’t know what his stage presence is like, but I’m sure that a few songwriters will want to give him their songs to sing at one of the many song contests in Malta. Whether he’ll take the bait or not is a different matter, of course.

SkimmedSummer Lovers
Skimmed are back…not that they ever really went away. I don’t really have much to say about this new song especially because there a video for it too and that makes it pleasurable to watch. I was also mighty pleased that my old colleague Ray Bajada, who is currently trying hard to make Radio Malta have a playlist it can be proud of once again after decades of neglect, picked this video to comment that Maltese bands will get due airplay on Radio Malta 2 under his watch. I know he is sincere in his intentions, so if you’re in a band and have the opportunity to send in your recordings to have them played on Radio Malta 2, don’t pass up this chance to get more Maltese music on the local airwaves. It’s about time too!

The ShhYou Can’t Be In Love
Alison Galea and Ian Schranz are in the process of releasing an album as The Shh. Meanwhile, I’m reassured that the Beangrowers haven’t split up and this is just a side project. To be honest, I like the sound of this duo even more than I ever liked the Beangrowers. I think it’s more sincere and far less pretentious, even if that wasn’t intended. In any case, they’re probably the closest thing to an art band to ever come out of Malta.

Joseph LiaArranġament fuq l-Għana tal-Fatt
I was walking in Valletta with Albert Marshall a few weeks ago and a young man approached him to talk about music. I was eventually drawn into the conversation and this young man played me an impressive video clip of himself singling with the Andreevski Folk Orchestra conducted by Dmitri Hohlov in St Petersburg last June. That young man was baritone Joseph Lia, and he was singing Reuben Pace’s new words set to the traditional lament heard on much għana tal-fatt.

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