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Paint It Black

Show notes for the 350th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

No Bling ShowŻulu Minn Nofs
What a great way to mark Independence Day! No Bling Show will be giving a live concert at the Old Malta Prisons in Corradino on Saturday 21 September. Without any shadow of a doubt, it will be a great gig. As it’s unlikely that I will release another podcast before the show, I wanted to start this week’s edition with this track of their 2013 album Ċar Kristall. As far as new Maltese music goes, it really doesn’t get better than this.

The Saturday before Independence Day, KulTural will be appearing in Madliena with Mistura. I’m very fond of the eclectic sounds that this band brings together. Their Madliena gig on Saturday 14 September is an interesting alternative to the pop rock entertainment provided by Rockestra that same evening and certainly more appealing to the likes of me. I’m sure they’ll play this one as they’ve released it just a few days ago to promote the show.

Negative SpacesState of Mind
This is the first of three video releases I’ve included on this week’s podcast. Produced by Niki Gravino, these young hopefuls return with yet another blast of catchy retro pop. I must admit that while this song is not half bad, I did expect something even better from this band. Perhaps they’re saving that for their next release.

Dry ConnectionsReach Out
Wasn’t this one of the more promising newcomer bands of 2012? They’ve certainly returned with a strong follow-up. While they blind sided me with their debut, this time they’ve more than grabbed my attention with this song. The video is also quite appropriate for the song. This could be it for them. I wonder what they’ll do if it just fizzles away like so many other releases by similar bands from Malta.

AndiWe Can Try
I was recently speaking with my colleague Marlene Galea at SBS Radio in Melbourne about the fact that there’s a Maltese dancer called Cassandra Galea. Cassandra is her birth name, so she was clearly intrigued by this. I was therefore very pleasantly surprised when I saw Cassandra the dance in this video from this new singer-songwriter. Andrea Attard has picked Andi as her stage name. Her debut is produced by Peter Borg and features this video by Keith Falzon.

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