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We Share the Same Sun

Show notes for the 346th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Melchior SultanaSummer
I’ve been a fan of Melchior Sultana’s music for a very long time. He is virtually unknown and this is a great shame, according to me. He has managed to attract some attention from music aficionados but not enough to make him anything close to a household name, even among the casual hanger-ons of the Malta music scene. To put it another way, I doubt you’ll be seeing him live at the beer festival in Ta’ Qali anytime soon.

Tricia Dawn WilliamsConstellations II
It not often that you hear contemporary classical music on the MMI podcast. Whenever you do, you can be sure of two things: (a) there’s a Maltese connection, and (b) it’s good music. Here pianist Tricia Dawn Williams plays the second movement of one of Ruben Zahra many compositions. If you’d like to catch them both live in a very different sort of vein, you should head to Żejtun tomorrow evening for the Evenings on Campus (yes, I know that it’s not really on campus!) event entitled Kuntrasti, starting at 9pm.

YewsLet’s Not Talk About It
Yasmin Kuymizakis has featured on previous editions of this podcast. I like her quirky songs but they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. In some ways you could say that this sort of minimal pop is an acquired taste. In other ways you couldn’t really describe this music as pop. Anyway, have a look at the video for this song, which actually came to my attention recent, even though it’s been out a few months, due to the fact that Yews has released an alternative version of it recorded live in a park, presumably in London.

Elder WaterReasonable Distance
I’ve been wanting to play something by this progressive Maltese rock band for some time but for one reason or another never managed to get around to it. They’ve now released a song featuring British guest singer Joe Cairney from the band Comedy of Errors. It should certainly receive more airtime than it will on Maltese alternative music radio hsoted presented by the likes of Michael Bugeja, Lito Micallef and Noel Mifsud.

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