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Show notes for the 348th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Bletchley ParkThe Orphan’s Wing
Third track released as a single for radio airplay from Bletchley Park’s album My Body Fighting. Not sure I can add much else to that. Oh, and there’s a promotional music video too. I’m glad to see the Bletchley Park connection being made overtly this time.

Red ElectrickThe Runaway
A rather ambitious music video prodcued and directed by Colin Azzopardi and Jean Pierre Gatt for a new song by Red Electrick. I like the song and I think it’s one of the better ones from one of the slicker Maltese rock bands. I’m struck by the use of the old Popeye village film set in this track, mainly because it was built when most of the people involved in the making of this video weren’t even born. I’m really getting old!

Claudia FanielloWhen It’s Time
Whatever happened to The Common Talk. I thought they were on a brief hiatus while Claudia worked on this song for this year Malta Eurovision Song Contest. I only see one of the members from that band in the video for this song, which is her collaboration with her (relatively) new partner Errol Sammut. Wayne Camilleri and Errol Sammut have previously collaborated, so I’m quite curious to see what happens next with Faniello’s new found rock-chick adventure. Anyway, I like this MediaCAST video for the song too.

Avviż minn għand Frans il-Ħamallu
If you can’t understand Maltese then there’s really nothing to enjoy here other than some of Malta’s best video animation, ever. If you can understand Maltese, I really have next to nothing to add to what you can see/hear for yourself in this video.

Infinite Loop
New band from Malta. Interesting debut, which could benefit greatly from a better quality recording. Apparently this is one of the bands to come out of the Marsa garages this decade. I don’t recognize any of the band member names from any other formation that has graced my podcast in recent years, so as far as I’m concerned these are the new kids on the block. Let’s see what happens next.

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