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Show notes for the 341st Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

StefanosHeart Stands Still
Virtually unknown, guitarist Stefan Mifsud is working on his next album, which will be called Everyone is a World. To my mind he is far too prolific and consistent not to attract a larger fan following. He has also had some rather well known collaborators on his recent efforts. It remains to be seen what he has in store for us on this new album, which will hopefully be out by December.

The Areola TreatRadio On
The band is gearing up to release its third CD ahead of its second album. While quite good at what they do, this band strikes me as one that takes itself a little too seriously. Then again, I may be missing the point. Or perhaps it’s just the vibe I’m getting from this video, shot, directed & edited by Daniel Cassar with help from the Malta Arts Fund. In any case, the Radio On EP launch will take place at Ir-Razzett l-Aħmar in Ta’ Qali on the 12th of July 2013.

I rarely replay the same tracks on the MMI series. It’s not that Chess has grown on me, even if I have become fonder of her as time has passed since I first heard her a couple of years ago. I am very impressed by the promotional video for this song off her debut EP Babygirl, released last year. This new animated video was produced through a Kickstarter campaign she ran. To my knowledge, this is the first time that a Maltese performer has financed a promotional video this way. It goes to show what a little initiative and some genuine talent can do. Well done Fran and everyone involved in making this video possible!

Craig MacLekki
Released today on London’s Shameless Toady label, Craig Mac’s EP Aħna attracted my attention the minute I discovered it via Facebook this morning. This young man from Xgħajra produces some solid electo vibes, and I’ll certainly be watching out for more from him. I’m also quite amused by the fact that Shameless Toady is housed just a few doors down from the Wikimedia UK office where I spend so much time these days on Leonard Street in London.

Kemmuna AirwaysKemmuna Airways 2013
OMG! They’re back! As cheesy and delightful as ever, Augusto Cardinali and Joe Demicoli remind us how entertaining they really were all those years ago. Dj Otzi’s Anton Aus Tirol is the perfect schlager to pick for this reunion; it’s heartwarming that they’re actually doing this for the Hospice benefit on yesterday’s Xarabank. Anyway, in a beautiful nod to the new generation, Mikiel Camilleri Haber features prominently on the promotional video. Anyway, what else can I say? Kemmuna Airways will forever be the undisputed Maltese kings of this genre of frothy light entertainment.

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