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End of the Beginning

Show notes for the 342nd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

After what feels like the longest wait ever, my favourite Maltese band of all times returns with its second album. This song from it is released ahead of the official launch which takes place next week. I’m pretty sure I’ll be playing more from it in the coming weeks, so there’s little point of saying much else at this point. To my mind, this is the bound to be the album of the decade. Sadly there’s not proper music video for it (yet?) but at least there’s a teaser in the launch poster and the accompanying promotional photo for the song. I heard demos of almost all the songs on Xtruppaw’s second album and I can safely say that it’s easily as good as, if not better than, their first album from 2006.

Clinton PaulAmazing
Taken from his recently released second album Unbreakable, this is Clinton Paul’s second single from this album. As he’s done so many other times before, it is accompanied by a relatively lavish promotional video, which has managed to attract substantial attention on YouTube, especially through Facebook shares. I remain impressed by his creative stamina and fortitude, even if less so by his aesthetics.

Davinia PaceYou Are My Home
I’m rather pleased to see that the team that brought this singer to this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest has ploughed on regardless of that scene, or propelled even further by that scene. After all, this video received an official launch of sorts on I like Davinia very much as a performer and I believe that she has what it takes to be an international star, whatever that means for an act lacking a substantial and systematic marketing strategy.

Ria feat. TobyI Am Only Me
Maria Carabot is not a well known singer, but she should be. She has a very pleasant voice, which is showcased very nicely on this collaboration with Toby. I like that she’s calling herself Ria, as this can possibly endear her to an even larger audience than the one she has already managed to reach so far. I hope this is the beginning of something bigger and better for her. MMI podcast listeners can be sure that I’ll be playing her next offering if this level of production is maintained.

FootprintsStick No Bills
Footprint are undoubtedly the most prolific Christian rock band from Malta. Their music has matured to a level that makes their tunes very listenable, even if you’re not particularly keen on the lyrics. I have no qualms with their brand of Christian rock, but I’d prefer more poetic lyrics where needles, overdoes and coffin are depicted in a more effective way. Incidentally this song is part of an EU-funded Youth in Action programme related to substance abuse and other social ills. The video you can see here was officially launched on 11 May 2013.

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