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Soothe My Soul

Show notes for the 337th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Dolls for IdolsYouth
I was pleasantly surprised to see this video released on YouTube a few days ago. It showed me that the band is not only still active but also as productive as ever. Appreciative of their youthful vitality, I’m sure that there’s more in the pipeline for the remaining months of 2013, so I expect they’ll be featured again sooner or later on a future edition of the MMI podcast.

Roger Scannura – Mediterra
Maltese-Canadian flamenco guitarist has released another album. This one is called Vida Flamenca and features several delightful tunes that not only showcase his virtuosity but also demonstrate the sort of maturity you expect from someone who has been recording for over twenty years.

Ta’ VernaBit-Tof…Ma Tofx?
I will probably always remember this year’s L-Għanja tal-Poplu festival for this song. To my mind it stands out head and shoulders above all the others that were competing in this edition of the contest. I’m not aware of any other recordings by the folkloristic group Ta’ Verna, so this is a double treat. Songwriters Rita Pace and George Bonello should be wholeheartedly congratulated for brining Ta’ Verna to the attention of a broader audience through this song contest.

MisturaNammetti Li Ma Naf Xejn
Not as good as their previous offerings but still worth including on this edition of the MMI podcast, since I’ve decided to play some of the songs from the 40th edition of L-Għanja tal-Poplu. Antonio Olivari has been a long-time listener of this series, so out of respect to him, if for no other reason, we get to hear Malcolm Bonnici sing again on this series. Then again, this song is not half as bad as some people have made it out to be. Then again, what do I know?

Fiona CamilleriTaħnina
Awarded Best New Talent, this young singer has really made an impact on me. L-Għanja tal-Poplu is an excellent showcase not only for up and coming singers but also budding songwriters. This song is written by Robert Carbonaro, who has appeared on previous editions of the MMI podcast. I think his collaboration with Fiona is a step in the right direction for both of them. If Malta had a proper radio spectrum, this song could easily become a classic.

Ivan Grech with Paul GiordimainaXemx
Talking of classic songs, Winter Moods have had this song on their playlist of many years. While rather different from Xtruppaw’s cover, Ivan Grech still manages to deliver the song with the sort of reverence he normally reserves for songs from non-Maltese artists he admires. This version, which you can also watch on video right here, is even more delightful to my tastes, as it features the groovy piano stylings of Paul Giordimaina, who is equally well-versed in jazz as he is in pop. Meanwhile, Winter Moods have released Xemx on an EP with some other song to benefit the Puttinu Cares Children’s Cancer Support Group. The 9th edition of Puttinu’s annual marathon was held today.

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