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Show notes for the 330th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Sophie DebattistaUp the Wall
Sophie Debattista has grown up. Seriously. This is not a song by a juvenile performer. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest jars in the context of this song. She still looks like a cute child but her voice her shows its grown up potential fully. It’s a pity that her promoter/s are still pushing saccharine-covered cover of such great classics as Sunny. Seriously, only Boney M could top the original. Instead I sincerely hope that this song, which was actually released without much fanfare about a year ago, is the shape (or should that be sound) of things to come for Sophie.

Funk InitiativeArchitects
Now that singer Gianluca Bezzina is a household name across the Maltese islands, his band have done what they were planning to do anyway, or what any savvy act would do: they’ve released a new single with an accompanying video. This one, written by keyboardist Paul Torpiano, has clearly been a long time in the making. The video features the annual Architecture vs Law Student waterfight that takes place at the University of Malta. The song was officially release last Tuesday.

Caravana SunThe Bottle
Luke Caruana was one the musicians I didn’t manage to meet during my recent visit to Australia. This song was released just before Christmas and now there’s also a video for it so I thought I’d include it. Truth be told I still need to process all the encounters and interesting experiences I had during my visit down under, and this is a good way to get me in a moos for that. If none of this means anything to you, I have a feeling you’ll still like the video.

Bletchley ParkPlanets Move Faster
Released as a second single from last year’s album My Body Fighting, this is another typical song from Bletchley Park. I’d have thought there would be a video for it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one appeared on YouTube in the coming weeks. If it does you can be sure that I’ll add it here. Meanwhile you can expect that this new release, so to speak, will secure some much coveted radio airplay for the band. If you like English-language contemporary rock by Maltese bands, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Gozo Drum TribeSansales
So called World Music has been gaining popularity in the Maltese islands over the past decade or so. It’s therefore not surprising that yet another band sporting a didgeridoo has hit the local music scene; they’ve actually been active for a couple of years. This is a genuine, bone fide percussion ensemble as you can see from this video. It is lead by Eugene Bajada, who is also known as the percussionist from the Divine Sinners, who’s Bipolar Overdrive was voted Top Online Release in last year’s MMI Listeners’ Picks Poll. You can catch the Gozo Drum Tribe live tonight (as I write this!) at the Captain’s Table in Xlendi.

RoderzPeppered Spray
As promised, I’m rounding up this week’s podcast with yet another track competing in the Global Battle of the Bands: Hard Rock Rising 2013. Roderick Micallef records as Roderz and he has released a number of tracks through Reverbnation. Here’s the one he has entered for this contest and it’s quite a good piece of electronica. Sounds great with good bass enabled headphones. Try it!

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