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Show notes for the 331st Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Sensitive SkinSweet Sister
Don’t really know much about this duo because their Facebook page and Reverbnation profile have very little information on them other than some photos of the band and details about some gigs and this debut release. The video for it looks rather good so they don’t seem to be a flash in the pan. Let’s hope they release a follow-up soon, along with some details about the band.

MojoShut Within
Another new band I’ve been wanting to feature on my podcast for a while. They’ve released this song for the 2013 Hard Rock Rising contest, hoping to be the entry from Malta for the Global Battle of the Bands this summer. I think they stand a good fighting chance, and even if they don’t this song is well worth listening to, as will be anything else they’ll release in the coming months and years.

Emanuel AnthonyChange
Emanuel Anthony Camilleri released this song several weeks ago. I actually think it was late in 2012 when this release came to my attention. By any rate, it’s been a while that I’ve wanted to include it on one of my podcasts and finally here it is. It’s quite a good song, and is especially delicious for any one who like this style of soft rock.

The Counterbalance ProjectInception
This is another new band that contacted me to tell me about their debut release. I really appreciate performers who do this, as it give me access to things I may otherwise not notice on YouTube, Facebook or some other online channel among all the clutter and junk that’s out there. This is a self-proclaimed experimental project from Aaron Dimech & Conrad Dimech, who are not related, even though they share a family name.  As you can see from the video, they’ve enlisted Danielle Ciantar as a singer on this track and Jean-Luc Camilleri from the band Sugar Rush plays drums. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from them this year.

AscendorIn the Hand of the Enemy
I’ve pick one more band from the 2013 Hard Rock Rising Contest to close this week’s podcast. This is a new metal band from Gozo who contacted me about this debut release before I knew they were taking part in the local contest for the Global Battle of the Bands. For a first outing they have some really interesting things going on in this song. The recording could do with better production values but I’m sure that this will come around sooner or later, if they stay together long enough.

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