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Wide Awake

Show notes for the 327th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Mind’s Eye DubInherit Dub
David Magro always delights with his dubs. A whole new album entitled Uhuru has just been released as the 12th title on the Dubkey netlable, featuring 12 tracks wrapped up in a free download. Just head on to the Dubkey website and enjoy the bounty of delights you’ll find there.

Jane DoeGoldrush
The EP Keeps Me Waiting is another new release available as a free download; through Bandcamp. There are four excellent songs in this collection, and I like this one best of all, which is why I picked it specifically for this week’s podcast. I expect there will be a music video for at least one of these tracks in the coming weeks.

Particle BlueM’Għandix X’Nambik
I’m very pleased to say that Malta’s foremost defunct electro-pop duo have recorded a bunch of new tracks in Maltese, following their surprise reunion at the Lissen Festival a few months ago. I finally received these as an “official” release entitled Mill-Qalb but they were actually sneaked out on Soundcloud a couple of months ago. Anyway, I’ve been listening to the whole Mill-Qalb connection on a constant loop for a couple of days. I hope some of my listeners like this stuff as much as I do.

G-Force feat. Sempliciment tat-TriqL-Arti tat-Triq
More Maltese-language delights come in the shape of a whole album from rapper G-Force, who teams up with a veritable who’s who of the local undergroup hip-hop scene for his album G-Forza 2012. This is the same collection where you’ll find last year’s video release Wasal Il-Ġimgħa, and from it I’ve picked the one featuring STT’s unique vocal stylings and crafty rhymes.

RumbullDa Journey
Keeping it hip-hop, I close this week’s podcast with a new track from British-born Maltese rapper Kevin Hayward. I particularly like the video for this one, which Rambull co-produced with Nick Morales. It shows that although this rapper doesn’t speak (much) Maltese on his releases, he is very much Maltese in the spirit of the the works that he produces. Being Maltese is certainly more than just use of the mother tongue. Bravo!

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