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Show notes for the 320th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Bridget BoneDealer of Love
After what can only really be described as a brief period of activity, Bridget Bone are to be no more. This is their final release. It finds them in top form as they prepare to break up. I’d love to hear more but since Maltese bands rarely have publicists they’re rather cryptic in their communications. My only hope is that the Bridget Bone story, from beginning to end, will eventually be revealed in its entirety on the Malta Music Memory Project pages. I will miss their fresh and clean sound, but I’m sure that some of the members will individually go on to do even greater things in years to come.

Negative SpacesStanding
This is only the second offering from this new band and I’d say they’re a rather heavy weight challenger for this year’s newcomer accolades on the alternative local rock scene. This song packs a mighty punch and has a very catchy tune that may very well end up making them radio darlings on certain radio stations that play only a relatively narrow spectrum of music from Malta. Meanwhile you can most certainly vote for them, along with all the other songs featured on this week’s podcast and many more on the 2012 MMI Listners’ Picks poll on Facebook, which will be open until the end of 2012.

Mark Micallef & Simone GauciDestiny’s Call (Sarah’s Song)
Mark Micallef plays keyboards with Negative Spaces so it’s fitting to follow up their song with this one he released a few weeks earlier. Simone Gauci provides an apt female counterpoint to his raspy voice, while Peter Borg not only recorded and produced this recording but provides a scorching guitar solo. This song was created in memory of Sarah Agius shuffled off this mortal coil during a trip to Valencia, Spain with her parents last year. She was only 18. That’s sad.

Annalisa PsailaMelodija ta’ Ħajti
I first heard this song on YouTube by accident several weeks ago and since then it’s just stuck in my head. I really like Annalisa’s voice but there’s probably something haunting in Ray Agius’ music. In any case, here’s one earwig I’ll be glad to shake out but pleased to have come across this song. I feel that my life has been enriched knowing about the D.R.E.A.M.S. TV series. I’ve caught a good glimpse of it on YouTube, and I have to say that things have come a long way at the Sant Agatha Auditorium since my days as a student there over 30 years ago. I like this so much that I’ve even nominated the video on the 2012 MMI Listners’ Picks poll, and you can now vote for it on Facebook.

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