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Show notes for the 315th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

CorinnaBattle of Wills
I’m not particularly a fan of this sort of formulaic dance music, but Corinna has a decent voice and this song has attracted considerable airplay on several radio stations in Malta. I’m sure there’s a following for this type of music, so I see no reason why I shouldn’t include it on my podcast. Other than this, I’d also like to have a proper cross-section of styles across the MMI Listeners’ Picks poll, which is coming up in a few weeks time.

Aaron BenjaminLive Forever
Much of what I said about the opening song on this week’s podcast goes for this new track from Aaron Benjamin. Not sure what else I can add other than the fact that this one was written by D. Sherman and A. Gilbert, UK-based writers for X Factor finalists, it was produced by The Flames at Aerostorm Studios in London, but the vocals were recorded, produced and mastered by Peter Borg at his Railway Studios in Malta.

Melchior SultanaHolding On
A couple of weeks ago I featured a track by Hadrian Mansueto that had a guitar track by Melchior Sultana. It is therefore very fitting that this week I’m playing a new track by Sultana himself. This is taken from a netlabel called Batti Batti Music, which has released a number of works by Maltese electronica musicians other than Sultana. This track is taken from an EP that came out a few weeks ago featuring various artists, called simply EP 3. It’s also BB11, which means it’s the eleventh release from this label…but there have already been more releases since this came out.

Joseph PortelliHow the Times Have Changed
This Maltese-Australian singer-songwriter has already appeared on the MMI series of podcast in a previous edition under the name Jay P, which is how he was known until a little while ago. Currently back in the Maltese Islands he has just released an EP under his real name, featuring this song and a couple of other released on 10 September 2012 via iTunes and a couple of other digital download sites. All net funds raised from the sales of his EP are being donated to support Alzheimer’s Disease International. Quite a laudable cause, I’d say.

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