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Show notes for the 317th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

CruzGood On You
A new funky song from one of the more high-profile Maltese pop rock bands of recent year. On first listen I thought this was a song that Ira Losco left out of her new album, but then again Marilyn Mifsud has a quality of voice in her singing that is clearly different from Malta’s queen of pop rock. This is the band’s fourth release and the second one for this year, so you can be sure that they will be receiving a very deserving number of votes on the end of year MMI Listeners’ Pick poll, which is due quite soon.

DeBeeJust Like You
I’ve never heard of this singer before nor do I know much about this song. What I do know is that she wrote this song with guitarist Wayne Camilleri and recorded it at Peter Borg’s Railway Studio. Peter Paul Galea (of Tribali fame) produced the song along with Camilleri and Borg. I really like this singer’s voice and I’d love to hear more from her, as well as more about her. Perhaps someone will care to upload some information to the M3P page, which for now, as I write this, remains (next to) empty. Hopefully not for long.

AnidrocDid I
Mario Cordina is someone I’ve gladly featured on previous editions of the MMI podcast. So I was thrilled to find that he is now recording with this new Szczecin/Berlin band, in a style that is very different from his fun-loving Skambomambo and Ambulanza. Apparently this song comes from an album called Good Morning, but I need to look into all this at some point because there’s still hardly anything about Mario’s projects on the M3P wiki.

Dimal feat. LyndsayLet’s Make It Happen
Dimal is now an integral part of the Maltese dance-oriented pop/rap scene. He has done well to collaborate with Lyndsay Pace, who is one of the better Maltese pop singers; i.e. she has more sense than to aspire for Eurovision glory. I personally prefer her in her more rocky songs, but she’s made it happen for the Ukrainian MC here. Apparently it’s doing quite well on certain radio stations in Malta. I guess it’s also quite popular on the dance floors that feature this sort of music.

Chapter Zerofeat. Sixth Simfoni & feat. Ira LoscoSkeleton Key
Chapter Zero’s album Atomic Destruction Vol. 1 was released last Friday 12 October 2012. It features a number of contributions from all sorts of artists admired by CZ. It’s therefore no surprise that this track includes the talents of Sixth Simfoni and Ira Losca. I had hoped there would be another Dirty Iris video for this track, but perhaps it’s still on the way. In any case, I’m sure the album will do well among those who like this sort of music.

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