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September Song

Show notes for the 310th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

TenishiaAs It Should
Following last year’s success with the album Frozen Roads, Malta’s foremost electronic dance music duo return with a new album entitled Memory of a Dream. This particular track features the voice of Jan Johnstone and comes with a video that makes life in Malta look much more glamorous than it really is for most people. Perhaps this is indeed as it should be.

Toby feat. Marilyn MifsudMitluf
It’s admirable that Toby Farrugia is acknowledging his Maltese heritage on his new album with this track. The album is called Traveling Without Moving and will be released tomorrow, 2 September 2012, at the Lovesexy event taking place at Ta’ Qali. Perhaps one day Toby will get even more adventurous and stop playing the tourist among the glorious wonders of his land of birth. Meanwhile this new offering will surely delight his many fans.

Duo BlankStars on Mars
After this song was released as a single last year, I was delighted to see it not only return as a track (with a variation) on Edwin Balzan and Frank Cachia’s Propeller album earlier this year, but now also as a rather unusual video featuring the ever-delightful Undine LaVerve, directed by Ramon Mizzi, who is no stranger to the local music scene. Well, at least the release of the video has given me the opportunity to play this song again on this edition of the MMI podcast. Perhaps in time we’ll come to see this as one of the classic tracks on the local music scene. Why not?

EthnamorteBelt is-Seħer (Tissabbat m’Alla mix)
This is another song I’ve feature on a previous edition of the MMI podcast. However, this remix is simply to outrageous to pass up, so I’ve gladly included it on today’s show, even though I actually prefer the original by far. Perhaps it will serve to introduce this rather eclectic band to a new audience looking for something rather different from the usual sights and sounds.

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