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Show notes for the 311th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Lauren Aquilina – Lilo
The beautiful haunting voice of this British singer of Maltese descent is one of the greatest discoveries that my friend Kenneth J. Vella has sent my way this year. Don’t let the unassuming YouTube video (and others like it on her channel) fool you. This is a star in the making. And you’ll probably have heard her here first, of course.

Ms LeadsSeptember
While not particularly outstanding, this new band has improved by leaps and bounds since their debut just a few months ago. In time they will possibly join the legion of other alternative pop rock bands that dominate the young Maltese rock scene these days. I’m pleased to have the opportunity to include their stuff on the MMI podcast and I look forward to seeing them progress in their musical journey over the coming years.

Clayton & the Alter EgosThis Fire
No idea where this came from and whether it’s actually a gigging band. The video seems to indicate it’s some young people with quite a bit of free time on their hand and a little talent, which with today’s technology can clearly go a longer way then it used to in ages past. The song is pleasant enough and the video makes it rather worthy of inclusion on this week’s edition of the MMI podcast. Let’s see what happens next now, shall we?

Joe DemicoliKien Żball Tiegħek
Very much in the spirit of the Malta Music Memory Project, though not quite associated with it in any way (yet!) Joe Demicoli has been doing some really interesting work in organizing reunion meetings for musicians from Malta beat group (as they used to be called) scene. One such event took place on the 22 of March at the Tal-Ajka Band Club in Luqa. This song was originally released by the Followers in the 1970s and here features Charles Sacco on guitar, Sario Azzopardi on keyboards), Toni Borg on drums, John Falzon on bass, with Joe Demicoli as lead singer.

Prayer of the DyingGod’s Failed Creation
Martin Ciappara has reappeared with this POTD track that is an apt way to end this week’s podcast. I’m always impressed by the sheer energy that one man can create on these songs. The video doesn’t really do justice to the music, in my humble opinion. Then again, the video brings some rather deserved attention to POTD and this type of music, which would otherwise not sit too well with many regular listeners of this podcast.

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