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White Light

Show notes for the 306th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Ħolma Qattusamewtafranka
I had hoped they’d be back and here they are! Martha Vassallo and Antoine Vella’s new offerings are as delicious as expected. This time there seems to be a grouping in the making (for an album?) and the theme appears to be inspired by Goya’s Capricios. Il-Kappriċċi is the name by which this track is grouped with another called Żifna tal-Ħmar (Donkey’s Dance). I hope that more are in store in the coming days/weeks.

Three Stops To ChinaMonkey Does
Another track from 3S2C’s recent debut EP Rise. Following last week’s My Robot Monkey Army Is Better Than Yours from Funk Initiative, this is another monkey song. How delightful! The video for this one is even wilder than the one for the other song…and I stand behind my previous statement that this young band is set to give Cable 35 a good run for the foremost grunge band from Malta currently active. Perhaps I’m a little bitter because that other band has not shown me any love or respect recently. Right? 😉

This song is planned for an official release at a gig taking place at Zion in Marsascala on Wednesday 8 August 2012. Milk Mi will also be performing that night so it should be quite a worthwhile evening out. The video for the song will also be released on that day too. UPDATE: The video has now been released and so here it is…

Stimulus TimbreDistance Lives
A new full-length album from local label Complex Sound Sagacity find Keith Farrugia in full swing as Stimulus Timbre, or should that be euphoric, since the album is called Euphoria. I’ve always found ST’s brand of electronica pleasant to the ear, which is why I look forward to including his stuff on the MMI podcast, as I’ve done over the past few years.

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