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Show notes for the 307th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

ThingybobThe Man I Used To Be
Robert Carbonaro has reinvented himself as Thingybob and produced this track in collaboration with Keith Anthony and a few other friends. I liked the song so much that I picked it to open my podcast this week. Thingybob will also be playing his debut gig at Coach and Horses in Valley Road on the 24th of August, so if you like this song go see him live.

Alex AldenSeeds of Change
I’ve had this song in my inbox for many months but for some reason or other I have put off playing it until today. It’s certainly not because I don’t like the song – quite the contrary, it’s a lovely song and this is a good singer-songwriter I’d really like to hear more from. If you like trivia, you’ll also be interested to know that Marc Storace is her uncle and Marie Borg Alden from Stolen Creep is her cousin. Now how about some more songs. Was there mention of an EP?

The MythSadness in Your Eyes
They’ve been active on the local scene since 1990 and in recent years they’ve matured into a recording band. So now comes this song along with a shoddy looking video that fits the song rather well. It’s exactly the sort of thing I’ve come to expect from this band and if their history is anything to go by we should expect them to be doing this until they’re older than the Rolling Stones.

Clinton PaulRobot
Although he is not everyone’s cup of tea, particularly because he is too camp even for most people who like mainstream dance music, Clinton Paul frequently impresses everyone with his music video. This song is taken from his debut album I Know Who I Am, which is a very fitting title for such a dedicated pop performer. The resources he seems to have at his disposition certainly make up for the lack of international success, which seems relatively elusive. Then again, you really never know! The next big Europop sensation could be just a few months away among his next offerings. Don’t write off Clinton Paul, even if you can’t appreciate what he has had to offer us so far.

Jay ZingaThirteen
Most recently known as half the duo Mathematikal, who have been featured regularly on the MMI podcast, Jay Zinga has recently uploaded this track to his YouTube channel along with video clips taken from Ti West’s 2009 movie The House of the Devil. Johnny boy has certainly come a long way since the days of Hidden Sun.

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