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Wicked Game

Show notes for the 305th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

ScarWhite Lies
Few Maltese bands manage to milk as many radio “singles” from an album as Scar have done with their 2009 release Breaking Radio Silence. Perhaps they’re taking the title of the album rather literally. Then again, this eighth offering is not only worthy of radio airplay in Malta but certainly good enough to open this edition of the MMI podcast.

Funk InitiativeMy Robot Monkey Army Is Better Than Yours
This is one of the more inventive Maltese rock bands that have appeared in recent years. Their videos are rather different from the usual stuff you expect from a band playing the sort of music they do. I have a feeling that one of these days they’re going to produce one which will attract a massive YouTube following, providing them with the sort of global exposure bands like this really crave.

Rather than clump all the good/new Maltese hip hop tracks into one podcast I think it’s better to spread them out one or two at a time on (almost) every edition of Mużika Mod Ieħor. This new offering from Marmalja shows them maturing at a speed others should most definitely be envious of. They struck me from the very first time I heard them. They rarely disappoint…and especially not this time.

The Lost SoundMiriam
Formed in 1966 from the ashes of a band called Mustang, this beat group (as bands were called in Malta back then) went on to record and release a 45 rpm single on vinyl featuring two songs written by Freddie Ellul. This one is sung by Manny Cefai who went on to have quite a checkered life in music over the subsequent decades. I must thank my friends Lawrence Magrin and Mario Axiaq for bringing this band to my attention again over the past few days. It may not be classic rock but the band’s name is quite remarkable in that the music of those 60s bands from Malta is indeed a relatively lost sound.

Carrie HaberI’d Rather Die
The opening track from Carrie Haber’s 3-track Taurus EP finds her in full force, doing what she does best. Slowly but surely Carrie is finding her own voice and style in ways that can make her attract attention beyond Maltese shores. She deserves all the attention she can muster…and more.

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