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Run Run Run

Show notes for the 304th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Manwel TLove You More
Malta prime dub master returns with a fresh sound built on this track from Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad. I love opening the MMI podcast with this type of sound, so much so that you’ll find I’ve (almost) always so whenever I’ve included Manwel T’s dub’s on previous editions of the podcast.

Ira LoscoWhat I’d Give
In preparation for her next album, expected for release in time for the Christmas shopping spree of 2012, one Malta’s best known pop performers has released this track as a single. Ira Losco has come a long way since her previous dalliances with pop rock. Her latest incarnation shows her maturing into the worthy world class entertainer she should be recognized as.

Sarah De BonoNo Shame
Fresh from her success on the Australian version of hit television talent show The Voice, this young Maltese-Australian singer has just released both a single (on 29 June) and an album (on 13 July entitled No Shame. Surely Maltese pop fans will soon discover her the way they did with Natalie Gauci a few years back.

Sempliċiment tat-TriqIswed Tnejn Zokkor
Closing off this week’s podcast with some of the outstanding Maltese-language hip hop from S.T.T., which has become a force unto itself in the local rap scene. The video produced in collaboration with No Sweat Productions shows that although certainly not attempting to appease mainstream tastes in any way, there’s more to these guys then mere explicit rhymes. If not the new poets, these performers are at the very least the rightful heirs of the spritu pront mantel, which they’ve swiped from traditional għannejja without much fuss.

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