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Hotter Than July

Show notes for the 303rd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Ellie & the OscarsIt’s Not a Crime
Eliza Borg and her band are back with another great track. Not sure why this band isn’t more popular in Malta than it already is. They sound really good and I suspect they’re not half bad live, even though I haven’t caught any of their gigs yet.

G-ForceWasal il-Ġimgħa
What can I say? This is Maltese hip hop, which is slowly but surely finding its own voice within the subculture and spreading out into the mainstream. A video like the one produced here by Dirty Iris will go a long way in creating the indelible mark I’m talking about with regards to both the genre and the new generation of fans of Maltese songs.

Kontroll – Easy
Is this a cult classic that previously escaped my attention? Does this band belong in the same category as BNI, RAS, Norm Rejection and Pupi tal-Logħob? And do they really have an album outa this year? Why is it there’s so little I can find about this band online? I really hope M3P can rectify this.

Stefan Mifsud continues to record more rock guitar instrumentals as Stefanos for a new album due out after the end of this summer. This track is one of these new recording ands sees the guitarist return to his preferred style of strumming.

Inverse ShiftImpregnable
Andre and Josef from the defunct metal band CoreFrequency last year teamed up with Max from Abysmal Torment to form this new band called Inverse Shift. They have produced a debut album entitled Endgame. This is the opening track from this debut album. More of the same will be greatly welcome by the many fans they have a quid over the years in their previous band, particularly those who can appreciate some of the interesting departures they’re experimenting with here.

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