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Ivory Road

Show notes for the 301st Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

MuxuSo Good
Matt Mercieca has really cemented his presence on the local music scene as the supreme maestro pop as Muxu. This song shows that he can (almost) do no wrong. The video is relatively low budget but works excellently; produced by Mark Frendo’s Fiction Focus Pictures. His choice of Amber as a backing singer is brilliant. All in all this is simply another hit from Muxu, who deserves to be even more respected than he is by his peers and pop music lovers alike.

Jacinta CaruanaMessage to the World
Fresh from her recent visit to Malta, this Maltese-Australian singer is featured on the MMI podcast for the very first time. Her debut EP features several tracks showcasing her versatile singing style. I particularly like this one, which is a collaboration with fellow Australian singer Gary Pinto. Jacinta Caruana is also the lead singer with a band called Groove Child and can’t see why I wouldn’t want to feature them in a future edition of the MMI podcast.

I always feel that Brooke should be more well known than she actually is. The video for this song, which has been in her repertoire for about a year or two, clearly demonstrates that she has the prerequisite qualities (at least on screen and in recordings) that most big-time pop producers look for. Perhaps this song will do it for her this summer, but I somehow feel that she has yet to reach the millions of pop fans that deserve to be introduced to her.

Three Stops To ChinaDetox
This grunge punk trio first appeared on the local rock scene just a year and a half ago and they are now poised to release their debut EP called Rite on 7 July 2012. At this rate I think they may very well be on their way to give Cable 35 a run for their money, even though the latter grungy trio have made great strides over the past few years. Now that’s a battle of the bands I’d pay to see!

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