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Show notes for the 302nd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Jane DoeS.M.O.
The musicians in this band have been playing together since 2008 but it was only last summer 2011 that they started calling themselves Jane Doe, recording their debut single Shivery in January 2012. This follow-up release is part of their upcoming EP. If the rest is as good as all this, I must say that it will be a strong contender for one of my personal picks for this year come the annual poll for the MMI Listeners’ Top Picks.

The CrownsNever Ends
Recorded at Temple Studios and with a video made by No Sweat Productions, led by Nick Morales, makes this band clearly one that is taking themselves seriously enough to ensure that they achieve an even stronger profile than they acquired in their initial outings over the past couple of years.

3 ArtistsOur Time
Niki Gravino, Errol Sammut and Nick Morales, each known in his own right on the local music scene over the past decade or so have teamed up to create this Mobile Internet GO commercial that will launch on Monday 23 July 2012. It’s great that such a major Maltese corporation has picked alternative rock musicians to promote its wares. Whoever is behind this campaign deserves a pat on the back from more than the industry pundits who will undoubtedly see that this move will help them reach a segment of the audience that’s not as easy to reach as the mainstream, without alienating the latter.

Bletchley ParkTight Red Dress
On 14 July 2012 Bletchley Park are set to launch their next album at V-Gen in Paceville. The album is called My Body Fighting and judging from this song seems to be harder than their previous offerings. I’ve seen this band live but I like the extra touch they give to their recordings, so I’m particularly looking forward to this album.

Harriet CohenIndia
I’m not sure why Bletchley Park singer Deborah Borg Brincat picked the name of an early 20th century British pianist to record this song as a soloist while her band prepare to launch their album. I fail to see why she wouldn’t record it under her own name or why this song would not be included on the upcoming Bletchley Park album. In any case, it’s worth listening and watching, while the contributions of Red Electrick’s Peter Borg and Matthew James Borg (as well as violinist Simon Vella) make it even more noteworthy than it would have been otherwise.

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