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Show notes for the 298th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Monobrow Musical ProduceWilliam
One of the most outstanding duos to ever come out of Gozo is all set for the release of their debut album. It will be released with a gig at the Aurora Theatre on the 2nd of June at 8pm. The album is called Carpet Clown and features a number of remarkable songs. The one with which I’ve selected to open this week’s podcast is simply my choice on first listen and they may very well be selecting a different song with which to launch the album to the general public in the coming days. Hopefully this time they’ll receive some much deserved radio (and possibly TV) airplay beyond quasi-underground shows such as my colleague Michael Bugeja’s Rockna. They most certainly deserve it.

Duo Blank feat. Ira LoscoHuman Train
The new album by Maltese electronica veterans Edwin Balzan and Frank Cachia was released this evening at Prestige in Paceville, during a live gig featuring Ira Losco, Errol Sammut, the Ophidian Twin and Karen Cachia, who are some of their vocal collaborators on Propulsion. The album follows on from last years successful single Stars on Mars along with the promotional video for it featuring the lovely burlesque performer Undine LaVerve.

SkarletMy Song
I’m not sure how this band managed to get away from being featured on a previous edition of my podcast. Violinist Simon Vella or percussionist Renzo Spiteri should have been more than enough to attract my attention to Skarlet. The rest of the band blends together quite beautifully as you can see from this live acoustic recording made for television last year.

Renzo SpiteriRitual Dance
Speaking of Renzo Spiteri, here he is in a live solo rendition on Schlagwerk log drum and water drum from his soon-to-come-to-the-UK tour to promote his late 2011 CD album Silence Sounds and Spaces. He will be playing at various venues in the UK from late May into early June, most notably at the Bath Fringe Festival on the 3rd of June.

Equipoise – Charambala
Daniel Grech released a new track today under his nom d’arte Equipoise. I had planned to play this one instead for the past couple of weeks but never really had the time to include it. I thought it would contrast nicely with the acoustic sounds of the previous track on today’s podcast, so here it is.

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