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That Dangerous Age

Show notes for the 293rd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Red ElectrickPaul
In preparation for the launch of their film project of Unplugged Sessions, Red Electrick have released this single to enable further promotion of the new work, beyond the interesting trailer featuring Ray Mercieca, which you may have seen on YouTube. Anyway, I’m sure this is something we’ll hear more of and about in the coming weeks and months. It’s an interesting way for this band to follow up their debut album from 2010.

FellowFishThe Outlaw
A second single from the Ordinary Madness debut for Keith Anthony’s largest project post-Chasing Pandora. Although there’s more of a band feel to this material than the Chasing Pandora releases over the years, Keith’s indelible mark makes me wonder whether this is what the duo that brought him to public attention across the Maltese islands would sound like now. Anyway, I like the video and the song grows on you after a second listen.

Negative Spaces – BK2SQR1
This newcomer band (they’re new, right?) sound very 1980s retro, so it’s no surprise that this song was produced by Niki Gravino. It’s almost as if, Gravino is providing his fans with his next offering through a group of meat puppets. But perhaps that’s unkind to Negative Spaces, so we’ll just have to see what their next offering is going to be. This sound stands out in the tedium of most other guitar bands on the local scene, but I don’t think it will be getting much radio airplay given how unadventurous Maltese radio stations tend to be.

Eric EllulSurrey
I didn’t know Eric E when he was entrenched on the local DJ circuit. I only just found out that he passed away from cancer last December through the release of a tribute album called We Share Love from local net-label Bass Assault. The rest of today’s podcast is my tribute to Eric, and I’m sure that I would have eventually included his stuff on one of my podcasts. He seemed well loved, especially by his fellow DJs and friends on the scene.

Lost EmotionsGoodbye
Taken from the Eric E Ellul tribute album featuring Hystericmaniak, Dre’, and Sonitus Eco, among many others, this trance track by Lost Emotions serves as a good segue for the final song I’ve included on this week’s podcast. Proceeds from the album are in aid of cancer support, but I’m not entirely sure whether that’s a particular hospice, a research project or any other specific cancer care service.

John MarkWe Share Love
Lost Emotions is the name used by Steven Psaila and Anthony Meachen, who apparently recorded this original song written by John Mark, Gordon Sacco and Mario Agius in memory of their friend Eric Ellul. I have a feeling that this could have been the current White Crimson release had that band still been active. Anyway, it’s a fitting tribute to Eric from friends outside the DJ scene within which he was clearly very loved.

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