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Happy Pills

Show notes for the 295th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

ChordustHyperbolic Attitude
When I first played a song featuring the voice of Floren Sultana last year I yearned to hear her with this band. So now here we are and here it is. I must say I’m not disappointed. I am expecting this band to make quite an impact on the local pop rock scene in the coming years and months. Kenny D’Ugo and Dave Calleja have given them quite a polished sound on this recording, which certainly makes for an excellent first impression for those who haven’t heard them (or heard of them) before.

CruzHave It All
Marilyn Mifsud’s band returns with a third single. I must admit that I expected more from them then they’ve managed to produce over the past year or so. I’m not too disappointed by this offering, but I don’t see the reason for the long wait. There must be something they’re not telling us. More than this, I hope they’re able to regain the momentum they had built until around this time last year to propel themselves beyond being a support band for larger crowd pullers.

Spriggan MistLife’s Ride
This British band has been featured on the MMI podcast before. They return ahead of the upcoming release of their second album. This one is called Soul Retreiver and they’ve taken on a noticably more rocky sound. To my twisted ears, the song I’ve picked almost sounds like an old Jefferson Airplane outtake. The voice you hear is Max Cilia, who also with her husband Baz make Spriggan Mist a welcome inclusion on my podcast.

ClandestinesYou’d Have Never Asked My Name As Long As You Got The Satisfaction You Needed
Earlier this year, Clandestines released an EP called Spectemur Agendo, which featured what is probably the longest name for a song to appear on my podcast. Today they’re releasing another EP, split jointly with Hey Sus, on a limited edition of 50…but best of all it’s being issued on cassette tape. Quite a rarity for the Maltese scene these days!

Hey SusKissing Cousins
Today’s launch gig for the joint cassette EP Summer Camp for Pale Young Boys is at the Coach & Horses at about the same time that this podcast first appears in public. I’ve picked this song from Hey Sus to close this week’s podcast. I must say, however, that the more I hear this duo the more I like them; really really like them.

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