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That Dangerous Age

Show notes for the 290th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Kizum KlofNutjeż
This new act with a rather unusual name stands out as much as their decision to spell things backwards. Acoustic guitarists Glenn Paul Pace and Kevin Borg are tapping into a long tradition of Maltese folk music and they not only know it but clearly relish in it. This debut single demonstrates both their virtuosity and promise which I’m quite sure will be greatly welcome on the local scene in ways that many may not expect. I know they have already attracted a relatively large cult following, and this can only grow and grow until they move away from Maltese shores where they will undoubtedly make an indelible mark on a global scene that has lots of room for this sort of ethnic offering that’s not produced exclusively for tourists.

For Strings InnJulie July
Not quite as impressive as their earlier work, this new single from For Strings Inn is still surely good enough to get them back on the airwaves of many local stations. The accompanying video will give this song a life beyond the radio and I must say that Nick Morales has really applied some of the more elaborate music video techniques he has learned over the years, as he places himself clearly on the forefront of the Maltese video production scene.

Stolen CreepWolves
This band’s sound has matured considerably since their last offering. If they keep going this way, I have a feeling that they will eventually make an indelible mark on the local alternative music scene. They are releasing an EP, from which this song is taken, on Sunday 18 March 2012 at V-Gen in Paceville. At that launch event, they will be supported by Alex Alden and Hey Sus.

Hey SusBoo Bay
I thought it would be fitting to end this week’s podcast with a recording from this seemingly fun loving duo who came together as a recording band last year. They have quite a cool looking website too and I’m hoping that they’ll eventually live up to their promise of releasing more recordings. When they do, I’m pretty sure I’ll be playing them again on my podcast…particularly because I never understood why surf pop never achieved greater popularity in the Maltese islands.

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