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Pafff… Bum!

Show notes for the 289th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Nicky BombaHighgrade
I saw Nicky Bomba live at the Earth Garden Festival last summer and I must say that he is a top class live entertainer. Listening to this song from him I can see that he is very deliberate in setting up the building blocks that make him such an excellent entertainer on stage with a live audience in front of him. The video is also testimony of his respect for the reggae music of Jamaica. I expect that he will eventually demonstrate a similar level of respect to the homeland of his Maltese ancestors, as he has already shown quite a bit of appreciation for his blood roots.

The Sylvan Aaron MassacreLove This City
Their follow up to the stunning debut Come On (Come On) is a little more radio friendly, and certainly the most likely offering from Sy Borg to receive any significant airtime in Malta. In any case, this duo continues to be championed by my dear friend and colleague Michael Bugeja who is always more than happy to play them on this radio shows. A few days after the podcast this video appeared too.

Freddie PortelliDoin’ Alright
In a recent email, Freddie Portelli explained to me that he had written this song back in the 1960s, but never recorded it with his then band The Malta Bums or even with The Black Train, with whom he recorded extensively throughout most of the 1970s. He finally recorded it just a few weeks ago, from memory, with a rather recognizable arrangement/style that we’ve come to expect from the man now, as a mature veteran of the local pop rock scene.

Fr Rob GaleaReach Out
I am always impressed with the elegance in the productions presented by this young Maltese priest based in Australia. He is also very subtle with his religious messages, for the most part. I’m sure he has fans who are not simply followers of Christian pop rock music. Anyway, if you’ve never paid particular attention to his songs before, listen to this one on this week’s podcast and take a look at the video right here.

Brian VassalloEmbracing Pathway
I’m very appreciative when local artists bother to inform me of their new releases and send them to me to include on my podcast. For the most part, I include (almost) everything that’s sent to me directly but I probably would have gone out to chase after the new one from Brian Vassallo because I find his electronic sounds quite soothing. I’m sure you’ll be hard-pressed to disagree with me.

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