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Show notes for the 292nd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

The Common TalkFind a Way
Claudia Faniello is now the singer in a rock band. Joining up with bassist Daniel Genius, guitarist Wayne Camilleri and drummer Darryl Curmi, this debut sounds to me like they’re saving better material for later. In any case, I am curious to see what their next step will be. Whatever it is, I’m quite sure I’ll be featuring it on a future edition of the MMI podcast.

Bridget BoneGregory Jackson
No longer the new kids on the block, Bridget Bone serve up a fierce follow-up to last years smash hit Jackie the Stripper. This song is named after a broadcast journalist who reported the death of guitar god Jimi Hendrix way back in 1970. I have a feeling they’re a video in the making for this song, mainly because that’s the way this band rolls. It’s certainly one of their endearing qualities, along with catchy riffs and tuneful melodies.

Mystic RainSplit Ends
A new song from a band that’s been kicking about for some time. No sure what they’re really on about, but Bex Galea’s voice is certainly charming. It develops towards the end of this song and if this band know what’s good for them they’ll make more use of her better qualities in their next offering.

SubvertsTheatre of the Absurd
It’s no secret that this is one of my favourite Maltese bands not just of the 1980s but of all times. This recording comes from their final formation towards the end of that faithful decade. Their activities were cut short by the tragic work-related death of drummer Charles “Chalkie” Cutajar in December 1989 and the total demise of the Tigne Rokarja scene. This sound was inspired by the activities at Ateatru, the fringe theatre within the AST complex, which presented productions of absurd theatre, among other things, throughout most of the 1980s. Tonight’s (31/3/12) Rokarja reunion at the Black Pearl will most certainly feature an airing of this song and number of members of this band will most likely be present to mingle and reminisce about damp rehearsal rooms, extortionate tax rates on musical equipment, and how great it all was back then when we were young.

Bark Bark DiscoLet’s Do This
A few weeks ago, on Monday 12 March 2012, to be precise, a live music webcast was presented under the name So Lo Fi, featuring YEWS, MegaFun and Bark Bark Disco. This recording made by Ian Schranz is from the soundtrack of that live stream. Possibly the first such event for the Maltese music scene (please correct me if I’m wrong) but I’m surprised that there haven’t already been more. This is really the way of the future.

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