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Live It Up

Show notes for the 284th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Jane DoeShivery
Introducing the first of new female-fronted band for 2012 in the guise of Margherita Bonello, I’m sure this band will be on high rotation on some of the local radio stations, but only time will tell whether they’re here to stay.  I like their softer moments and the singer has hints of great potential.  It’s definitely a watch-this-space scenario as far as I’m concerned.

Another new band features Funk Initiative guitarist Daniel Cassar (yes, there’s another one by that name on the local scene) who has released an impressive album called The Quiet Before the Storm, which is available as a digital download here. This particular track (from this 3-track album) features the vocal presence of Dana McKeon. It’s quite lovely and I dare say very good too.

Mimi ParisBittersweet Goodbye
Michelle Paris is well-known in certain musical circles as a harp player, but she has also been performing less traditional music in recent months as this recording demonstrates. Mimi Paris was brought to my attention by a fan of hers late last year and I had hoped to include her music on a 2011 MMI podcast, but as it happens I’ve finally managed to get a copy of this demo recording, which is hopefully a mere harbinger of things to come.

Martina Borg feat. William ThorneDear Mother
I had never heard of William Thorne until a few days ago, but Martin Borg is one of the few Maltese pop singers who stands out as much more than a Eurovision wannabe, which she isn’t. Music is in her (paternal) genes and it would seem that with this song she’s giving a reverential nod to her mother. Not sure about the full provenance of this song, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t receive some serious radio airplay in Malta…and hopefully elsewhere too.

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