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Give Up The Ghost

Show notes for the 279th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

K.O.I.Give It All Away
This duo made up of guitarist Wayne Camilleri and Airport Impressions frontman Errol Sammut returns after their fabulous Tears In Your Eyes debut with an equally steering song. As you’d expect this track is nominated on the 2011 MMI Listeners’ Pick poll, which is now open for your votes. And just in case you’ve forgotten, K.O.I. stands for Knowledge Over Instinct.

Scream DaisyAlive
One of the more established rock bands on the local music scene return with another new song that makes it to the 2011 MMI Listeners’ Pick poll. This new song bodes well for another creative round from Scream Daisy and I’m sure that their many fans in Malta will be hoping for more in the coming months.

Jean Claude VancellApril Symphony
I’ve always liked this young singer songwriter, mainly because he breaks away from most of the established modes he could be feeding on (and into) from the local scene. While this song may not be as striking as others he’s given us over the years on first listen, it shows that he’s exploring new territories without diverging too much from what he knows he’s able to do best.

Corazon MizziLooking for You
When Corazon’s name was announced as one of the finalists for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012, I must say that I was surprised that this Maltese singer songwriter would still find that scene to her liking. Still, she’s collaborating with a songwriting duo who have given us some of the better songs on the local contest in recent years. Anyway, before that announcement she had actually released this self-penned song, produced by Dean Muscat and Boris Cezek.

TenishiaShores of Eden
Frozen Roads from this electronic chill out duo has got to be one of the more impressive albums released from Malta in 2011. Naturally, I’ve nominated it on the 2011 MMI Listeners’ Pick poll and I’m sure it will garner many votes in the Top Album category. Jovan Grech and Cyprian Cassar have really come of age nicely over the years and they’re now getting some of the much deserved international attention they deserve. In spite of this, or perhaps because of this, I suspect their best is still ahead of them.

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