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Our Day Will Come

Show notes for the 278th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Freddie PortelliĠej il-Maltemp
Malta’s own king of rock ‘n roll has written his final will and testicle (as John Lennon would have called it) and this is what it sounds like. Reminiscent of one or two Leonard Cohen classics, but quite remarkable for the vocal arrangements that Freddie has perfected over many decades. Here we can also see that he is also a poet, which is something that those of us who have followed him closely for a long time have known all along.

DanjeliDiska taż-Żibel
Taken from what is undoubtedly my favourite 2011 album, Danjeli’s KontroNatura, this has to be the next most outstanding song in this new collection, after Ġurnata Famuża, of course. In some ways, I think of this as the theme song for the many Parties taż-Żibel that Danjeli has organized in recent months. I’m sure this sort of stuff is not to everyone’s taste, but you’ll be hard pressed to find more sincere music/songs from Malta.

Semplicment tat-Triq & MarmaljaRadju Valium
Well, here’s some more sincere singing from Malta. This is yet another gem from the local hip hop scene. I’m sure that no radio station in Malta would dare play this, for obvious reasons. Well, obvious if you understand Maltese…if not, then perhaps you’ll think it’s because of the gratuitous use of samples from unlicensed pop songs. In any case, it seems like a very fitting song to play just before we open up the 2011 MMI Listeners’ Picks poll in the coming days.

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