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Now That We’ve Found Love

Show notes for the 277th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Red Electrick feat. Ray Mercieca & Rayvin Portelli – It’s A Shame
2010’s break through band have teamed up with the stalwarts from the Rifffs to record this song, which will undoubtedly be receiving considerable radio airtime in Malta between now and the end of the year. The veterans lend the young band considerable credibility through their experience, while the young ones pump some fresh blood into the old geezers. Still, it sounds like a match made in heaven.

Andre feat. IM – Can’t Be Friends
Andre Darmanin has never really featured on my radar until I heard this song. It is actually slicker than I thought it was on first listen. It’s really grown on me and I can certainly feel that he is maturing into this style of music. Pleasant enough to hear over and over but still not the sort of thing I would go out of my way to look for. Good thing it’s been front and centre enough for me to notice it.

FellowFishOrdinary Madness
Fresh from years of experience with the formidable duo Chasing Pandora, Gozitan musician Keith Anthony is now fronting this new trio who are about to launch their debut album. The title track is featured on today’s MMI’s podcast but I had the opportunity of hearing an early pre-mix of the whole album over the past few weeks and it struck me as the sort of thing that will go down well with the people who like progressive acoustic music that’s not too pretentious.

Nicholas HaberHurry On
From time to time I come across young singers and/or musician from Malta who I would certainly never have heard of before the rise of the sort of exposure afforded to anyone by Internet. This one has some really good qualities and with time and some luck we may be hearing from him again in the coming months and years.

Crash VoltageCrash Voltage
I don’t know much about this band. In fact, I’m not even sure what the name of this tune really is. All I know is that they recorded it on the 20th of February 2011 and that they are guitarist Evan Vassallo, bassist Neil Xuereb, and drummer Luke Micallef. The rest you can make out for yourself in this recording…or perhaps they (or someone who knows them) will care to elaborate on their M3P page sometime soon.

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