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Better Than That

Show notes for the 276th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Funk InitiativeThe Liberators
To my mind, this band is a great contender for the best newcomers of 2011 on any of the upcoming award ceremonies. This follow up to their debut works is worthy of any established act and not someone who hasn’t even been on the local scene for a whole year. Gianluca Bezzina’s voice has truly standout qualities in its clarity and simplicity, particularly in the quieter passages of this song. The video directed and edited by Ed Dingli to accompany this song doesn’t detract from its beauty and it rather makes up for any weakness anyone can find in any part of the song itself.

The release of Danjeli’s long-awaited solo album KontroNatura has brightened not only my week/month, but it is undoubtedly a cut above any other long-form release from Malta this year. We’ve already had many months to cherishthe outstanding Ġurnata Famuża, which to many will be the highlight on this album. However, like 2007’s Kakofonija, this album is packed with one gem after another. I will most certainly be playing most, if not all, of these tracks on my podcast in the coming weeks and months. Meanwhile, you can either hear the whole album streamed on the Complex Sound SagaCity website or download it for free to play over and over on your favourite mp3 player, as I’ve done on a loop most of the time since the day it came out.

EthnamorteBelt is-Seħer
I rarely repeat tracks on the MMI podcast. Here’s an exception. This is a superb song from a very unusual band currently appearing live in Malta at V-Gen in Paceville on Sunday 6 November 2011 during the Calling All Tribes festival. If Malcolm Callus doesn’t strike a chord with this band for the Maltese crowd gathered at V-Gen tomorrow, perhaps he’ll manage to do it with his other new project Unus Quod Insane.

G-ForceMemorji Sbieħ
It’s no secret that I like hip hop in Maltese. I’ve been wanting to include something by G-Force ever since I heard him accompany Żdongraap on Qumu Minn Hemm, which I included on the MMI podcast no too many weeks ago. This particular track is a potted history of the local hip hop scene according to G-Force, and will certainly go down well with those who have only discovered that Malta has quite a thriving hip hop community more recently.

Franco TartagliaUne Vie, La Vie, Sa Vie
I’ve included music by this guitarist/composer on the MMI podcast several times over the past few years. It was quite good to receive several recordings from him by email a few days ago. So it’s only natural that I picked one of them to close this week’s podcast with.  The groove was just right after the varied but relatively mellow assault from the rest of this week’s eclectic mix. Something approximating a normal service will resume next week as we prepare to launch the MMI 2011 Listeners’ Picks poll. Meanwhile feel free to take a look at the nominees as listed on the respective M3P page.

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3 thoughts on “Better Than That”

  1. Belt is-Seher has now been deconstructed & remixed in an industrial style!

    For this occasion, it has been renamed as Belt is-Seher (Tissabbat m’Alla) remix.

    Check it out at our website!

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