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Wild Man

Show notes for the 274th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

BeangrowersThe Farewell Party
This evening (22/10/11) Beangrowers returned to the stage in Malta for the first time in 3 years to celebrate a retrospective of their four album releases (48K, Beangrowers, Dance Dance Baby and Not in a Million Lovers) at V-Gen in Paceville. The gig featured an opening show by Yasmin Kuymizakis, making her debut live appearance on the local scene. It seems that the Beanies are working on a new album too. Anyway, we couldn’t let all this slide by on the MMI podcast and decided to open this week’s edition with a song from 2004’s Dance Dance Baby to make sure we mark this moment in time.

Caravana SunWaiting
A few weeks ago I opened the MMI podcast with Feel Better, the delightful debut release from Luke Caruana’s Caravana Sun, which is the new name for the Sydney band formerly known as Carra. They are about to release their debut CD album at Bondi Beach entitled Rising Falling next Saturday (29/10/11) and they also released another video for the opening track from the album. The video 808 HD images set and shot under the cover of night in an abandon house using various LEDs, torches and flames to bring to life the haunted space that spilled into every room of a once-loved home. As each light source is introduced, it leads you into various rooms of the house, venturing under broken floorboards and through shattered windows.

The Run
Silver Clouds
This Gozitan trio made up of Ricky Bugeja, Matthew Cauchi and Mario Cauchi make their debut with this song and a name that apparently comes from the first letters in Really Undecided Name. This bluesy song is quite ambition sounding, not least because of its accompanying video (produced by Ricky Bugeja , but the band seems fairly aware of where it stands and can only really improve on this offering in the coming months and years.

Stephanie ZammitNo Hate Song
Relatively fresh from the significant impact she made on the local pop scene along with the pop act Baklava at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011, Stephanie Zammit returns with a self-penned song that shows she is more than a one trick pony. I don’t know what the future holds for Baklava nor if they will ever delight those who like me appreciate whatever’s Maltese in all genres of music, but I’m fairly certain that we haven’t heard the last of this singer. The song is rather under-produced but you it at least has the potential to help Stephanie attract attention to herself beyond Baklava. That will serve her in good stead either way.

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