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Time To Move On

Show notes for the 272nd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Mystic DiversionsQawsalla
Although it’s technically an Italian band, we like to claim Mystic Diversions as one of our own on account of Aidan Zammit (Lupi) being not only Maltese but also an artist who explores his ethic routes from time to time. We’ve had occasion to hear such works on previous edition of the MMI podcast but this track from the band’s 2002 album Beneath Another Sky is possibly one of the best hidden gems in his entire back catalog.

Melchior SultanaIt’s Raining Outside
It was a joy playing Melchior Sultana’s music on my podcast several years ago, when I first discovered is recordings online. He has matured considerably since then, even though he is (regrettably) of the radar from most people, even ardent fans of the alternative music scene in Malta. He released an album entitled World Is History just a few weeks ago and apparently he’s also gigging with a band these days. I’m particularly pleased to discover that this track from the new album comes with a promotional music video too. Perhaps he’ll finally get the broader audience attention he so truly deserves.

ChessSomebody Else
Fran Galea is better known as Chess. We’ve heard her voice on the MMI podcast in previous editions but never have I been struck by its rich tonal qualities as I was on even the first listen of this track. As you can see from the video I’ve embedded her, the song is a collaboration between Chess and Yulia Hauer. I hope there’s more of this sort of thing in the pipeline because it certainly would make for a better use of this young singer’s voice, at least for my taste.

RelikcNothin’ On My Mind
The fourth single by Relikc was recorded and produced by Niki Gravino, and mastered at the Exchange Mastering Studios in London. This young band fronted by Keith Zammit has come a long way since their debut a couple of years ago, but that’s to be somewhat expected since they’ve always enjoyed a relatively large following. I expect that this song will be among the high-flyers come the end of year MMI Listeners’ Picks poll. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we saw a music video for this song in the coming weeks either.

Norm RejectionBelligerent
To mark the first anniversary since the launch of the M3P during Notte Bianca 2010, I thought it would be most appropriate to play something from one of the acts we presented that night as part of our inaugural celebrations. It’s no secret that Norm Rejection is one of my favourite Maltese hard rock bands of all time. It’s therefore quite serendipitous that they’ve issued the title track from their Belligerent CD as the second single from this 2011 release, following the earlier release of Kemm Hawn Dwejjaq fil-Pajjiż.

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