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Hello, I Must Be Going

Show notes for the 275th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

CruzStalk Hawk
New single from a band that seemed destined to make a huge mark on the local scene last year.  For some reason they haven’t been as prolific as some of us thought they would be. This second offering from them shows that they may still fulfill their promise in the months to come.

Another solid offering for the local Christian rock scene.  However, there seems to be more to this band than simply meets the eye (or ear) on first listen. I can’t really put my finder on it.  Perhaps one of the many MMI podcast listeners can do what I can’t. In that case, just leave a comment below, please.

I thought I had already included this young duo on a previous edition of the MMI podcast, but a simple search on my blog reveals that I was mistaken. Ismael Valletta and Miles Azzopardi’s acoustic offering is by far the best track I’ve heard from them. If we’re lucky they’ll focus on more such tracks rather than seek to put a full blown band together, which will most probably simply make them sound like one of the dozens of other bands around.

Reuben PaceL-Aħħar Moll
This Maltese composer and I were undergradate students at the University of Malta at around the same time, in the early 1990s. We lost touch after university, but our paths crossed again recently when he was in the process of finishing his doctoral studies in music and his external examiner happened to be one of my colleagues at the School of Arts and New Media, where I am now director of research.  This composition from Reuben Pace is quite remarkable, especially if you’ve never heard anything from him. Now that he has finished his formal studies, I have a feeling we’ll be getting more recordings of his compositions in the coming months and years.

Sonitus EcoF’Qiħ Ħaġar Qim
Justin Meli returns as Sonitus Eco with an EP entitled Eku Neolitiku featuring 3 exquisite electronic tracks inspired by Malta’s outstanding neolithic temples. You can hear all the tracks through SoundCloud and download the entire EP for free from the Internet Archive.  Links for both those resources are available through the M3P link above, which is how we prefer to keep better track of what’s what and what’s not with Maltese music.

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