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Any Trouble

Show notes for the 273rd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

LumièreThe Fox & the Weasel
One of the alternative Maltese music scene’s favourite bands from the turn of the century returned yesterday (14/10/11) for a one-off reunion gig at V-Gen. Apparently the show, which also featured Skimmed as a support act, went down really well with the band’s old fans. To mark the occasion I thought it would be appropriate to play a track from their album It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.  Others who are not used hearing Mario Vella sing in English may find this stuff quite amusing for a totally different reason.

Dolls For IdolsRave ‘n Roll
Gearing up for the launch for their album Cut ‘n Paste on the 17th of November 2011, Dolls For Idols have released this song along with a promotional video you can watch here. This another great track from this young band. I still can’t get their Dance The Dance out of my head since I saw them live (twice in the same week!) a couple of years ago.  They’re really an entertaining band both live and on record.

MathematikalFar Into The Night (remix)
I’ve been meaning to play Mathematikal’s remix of nosnow/noalps hit from earlier this year for some time and I finally found the time to do it.  There are other remixes like this one in my pending folder, so I’ll probably be including these in the coming weeks as we get ready for the MMI Listeners’ Picks poll for 2011, which will certainly feature both this and the original track among the various nominations.  More about all that soon enough, and certainly before the awards season kicks into gear.

Vandroo feat. ChessRelentless
Andrew Mizzi (aka Vandroo) is a newcomer to the local electronic dance scene. This is his debut release and it comes complete with a vocal track from Chess, who we heard in a rather different groove in the most recent edition of the MMI podcast. This brand of radio-friendly dance music can easily blend into the background unless it has something outstanding to draw attention to it. In the case of this track that attractive feature is undoubtedly Chess’ voice. All in all, however, Relentless is a good power-pop dance tune with very interesting vocal and production elements that indicate a promising artist in the making.

Aaron BenjaminLet’s Dance
Keeping the dance beat going, this week’s final track on the podcast is the new single from singer Aaron Benjamin. The song was written and produced with elements based in both Sweden and Malta. The writers are Peter Wennerberg, Mathias Venge and Gaby Jangfeldt, while production and arrangments are by Peter Wennerberg with vocal arrangements by Boris Cezek at Doyaya Studio in Malta.

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