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Second Last Chance

Show notes for the 271st Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Manwel TPower & Might
Dubkey Records has just made available its ninth free download release available and its Virtual Dub 4 by Manwel T. This release features several more new dubs by Manwel Tabone featuring music by various people he has already collaborated with before and some, like Blaminack whose original track this is, for the first time. There’s even a promotional video to go along with this track, which has been released on YouTube.  Here it is:

During my most recent visit to Malta I had the great pleasure of attending one of the three Lore of the Sea performances by the Rubberbodies Collective at the Malta Maritime Museum. Cygna produced a full-length live electronica soundtrack for that show, and continued where were he left off with his CD album Opus Ena, which was released at the start of this past summer. The album is quite a spectacular collection of his symphonic ambient works, some of which have featured in his live performances for a number of years now.

Yasmin KuymizakisYellow
This newcomer to the Malta music scene came to my attention through a Facebook post by Brikkuni frontman Mario Vella. His praise for this performer is not misplaced. Her sound is indeed a remarkable addition to the local musicscape, and an outstanding debut. I know very little about Yasmin, except that she hails from Dingli, which may explain some of the expansive qualities of her music. The tracks she has released through her SoundCloud page are currently playing regularly on a loop whenever I’m craving something new/different from all the rest.

Three Stops To ChinaEnemy Club Scene
The new veritable champions of alternative pop rock scene in Malta follow up on their Courtney effect from last spring with this catchy ditty. The accompanying video shows that they really mean business and they’re here to leave as indelible a mark as possible. This song is the best thing I’ve heard so far from them, and if it’s a sign of what’s in store in the coming months I can only wait for their album with great anticipation. If you like this style of music, I’m sure you’ll become of fan of this band in no time.

The CrownsOut of Nowhere
This band is one of the most pleasant surprise additions to the local scene for 2011. I say this mainly because Victorio Gauci, their lead singer made me think he was going to face away into the local pop scene without making his own mark on it. How wrong I was…and glad to say it too. The Crowns are quite popular on most radio stations in Malta and if they keep up at this pace, I sincerely believe that they may be one of the memorable Maltese bands to emerge out of the melange of similar acts that have invaded the islands in recent years.

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