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Born To Hand Jive

Show notes for the 265th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Indigo DarkpsychNot the End
Taken from the album These Are The Roots which was released earlier this year, this track comes with an accompanying music video (see below) that clearly establishes a very particular look for this Maltese rock singer. I’m surprised not to see her on the Xtreme Metal Assault bill for this year, but then again perhaps she’s trying to reach a broader audience.

ClubMurderThat Which Makes Me
It wouldn’t really be an Xtreme Metal Assault festival without this band, would it? I don’t know how I missed out on including them on a previous edition of my podcast, or perhaps I haven’t. There are so many edition of the MMI podcast now that I can barely keep such things straight any more. Their album Where Everybody Dies… must be one of the most exciting new metal albums to grace the Maltese rock scene in a while. The track I’ve picked to include this week comes with another outstanding Dirty Iris music video. Here it is…

RuinNone Shall Remain
They appeared at last year’s Xtreme Metal Assault as Tripwire but they now return with this new bandname and a fairly strong debut offering with a groove that will certainly go down well with any new followers they’re hoping to acquire at the XMA2011. Clearly, their best work is still ahead of them, even if they’re already making quite a stand on the local metal scene.

ReBornFemale Hero
When I first featured their music on the MMI podcast I had hoped that this band would be a little more prolific than they’ve been.  I believe they’re still together and active, judging by their Twitter feed, but I don’t think they’ve produced any more recordings in recent months. They’re quite a solid sounding metal band and I really hope to hear more from them sooner rather than later.

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