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Show notes for the 264th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

MikaelaHear Me Out
The fire engine red headed singer return on the local scene with this song before she heads out the the Berklee College of Music in Boston along with her sister Yorika. Fans who caught them at their farewell gig at Rookie’s at the end of last month said they were great and full of energy.

Adam BonelloPermanently Personal
Now that the ashes of The Lesser Gods have cooled off, Adam Bonello return hot from The Character return with a bunch of tracks he recorded with drummer Antoine “Il-Gaġġu” Grixti and Andrew Christie. To my ears this material sounds like what would have been the follow up to the previous band’s ill-fated debut. In any case, I’m glad we’ve been able to hear this material because it not only reminds us (or at least those who need reminding) how prolific a composer Adam actually is, but also that there’s more to the contemporary rock scene in Malta than playing live with bands. His soundtracks for television and other audiovisual documentaries are well worth a listen too.

Andre CamilleriGuitar Man
The Delusions of Grandeur is the name of Andre’s latest band, which accompanies him on his new album entitled Nothin’ Left To Lose; his sixth since moving to Australia at the turn of the century. Guitarist Charles Vandenbelt and singer Bree Barclay stand out on this particular song and it struck me as the standout track on this new album from the Melbourne-based Maltese musician.

Franco TartagliaThe Ruling
I was hoping for some new material from TACT but I’m happy to make do with this new track from this Maltese guitarist. I find his work quite enticing and I never know what to expect next from him. I’m honestly looking forward to whatever will be the next track I play from him on my MMI podcast.

Sandro ZerafaGrey Light
Fresh from the success of his third edition as artistic director of the Malta Jazz Festival, Paris-based Maltese guitarist has also released a new CD and download album with his jazz quintet. Rather than one of the more sophisticated arrangements, I’ve chosen the final track from Urban Poetics to close this week’s MMI podcast. Malta has certainly ever produced a finer jazz guitarist than Zerafa.

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