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Love Is A Losing Game

Show notes for the 263rd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

RisisSome Day
I first heard Jodi Heckenlaible sing when she was still young teenager. I was struck by her strong voice and hoped she would get the appropriate opportunities to develop it. Several years have passed since then and I’m quite glad that she didn’t go down the obvious pop route like so many of her contemporaries. She contacted me a few months ago to say she was looking for a band. I encouraged her to post a message on one of the pertinent Facebook groups. And now we have Risis. The fact that bassist James “Jelly” Attard is also in this band fills me with hope that something really good make come about from this young singer in the coming months and years.

DanjeliĠurnata Famuża
It’s no secret that I’m a great fan of Danjeli. He is one of the foremost new composers from Malta. I’m thrilled to bits whenever he releases, well anything. He regaled us a electro punk pop ditty that rivals his earlier masterpiece Iż-Żufjett, which first appeared in his album Kakofonija and was later revisited by Brikkuni in their album Kuntrabanda. I seriously doubt that this new song will see any airplay on any of the local radio stations.

Id-DelliId-Drinu L-Għasfur
Another Brikkuni member whose songs get no radio airplay is guitarist Steve “Id-Delli” Delia. He teamed up with Justin Galea for last month’s M3P gig at V-Gen under the guise of Duo Kukkanja. I’ve never really featured him on the MMI series, so I think it’s more than appropriate to include one of his delightful songs on this week’s podcast. He actually played a live version of this song at the V-Gen gig a few weeks ago, and I’m pleased to say that we’ve captured that on video, which will be released through the M3P website in the coming weeks.

Dry ConnectionsWalking Alone
This band only came to my attention a few weeks ago but apparently they’ve been at it for a while. They have a nice raw sound but they sound a little to wet behind the ears to be taken too seriously by anyone outside their immediate circle of support. However, I honestly believe they have the potential to make their sound attractive to a larger appreciative audience in the near future, particularly because they seem to be quite determined and even prolific.

Like many of the singers and musician who attended the inaugural M3P conference at St James Cavalier last month, Adie gave me copies of her CDs to take home with me. I’m glad she did because I’m thus able to close this week’s podcast with her new single. There’s also a very decently produced video for this song, which I think deserves more attention that it has received so far, particularly by fans of her particular genre of music and associated styles.

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  1. Id-Delli… niftakru jdoqq il-Festahwid. Kellu diska minnhom bit-titlu “Saffar Ja Xih” kien qasam post shih biha. Kbir id-Delli, kbir!

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