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Show notes for the 255th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

RelikcTake the Blame
This band has been a favourite of MMI podcast listeners since they first appeared a couple of years ago. I like their tight pop rock sound and they are quite radio friendly. Come the end of the this year, I have a feeling that this track will be among the highest ranking listeners’ picks for 2011 singles, or whichever category I’ll have nominated it for.

TroffaHamra y los MechonesIn the Streets of Barcelona
It’s not often that I play music in my podcast that surprises me as pleasantly as I’ve been by the sound of this Barcelona-based outfit. The connection with Malta comes in the Troffa Ħamra in the name of the band, who is none other than Ruth Abela, perhaps best known for playing clarinette with Brikkuni or sax with The I-Skandal. The bossa nova you hear here, along with the other tracks they’ve released on their MySpace page are simply delightful.

Genn & MayoPrincesses In Dungarees
Annemarie Mayo and Janice (that’s Genn to you) Ellul came together as a duo after meeting in the ŻĦN’s Strummin’ Home annual concert a couple of years ago. With a little help from some friends (including some musicians from Relikc) they’ve made some public appearances as well as recorded some tracks, including the one you can hear on this week’s podcast. Mayo’s voice is the first of two great new voices on the Malta music scene. I hope to hear (and share with you) more of this in the coming months and years.

Monobrow MPWet Roads
A couple of weeks ago this duo released a limited edition of their online only 5-track EP featuring what is clearly some of their best work, even though most of it is their version of songs you already know (and possibly like) from worldwide stars; their version of Gnarls Barkley’s Who’s Gonna Save My Soul is blindingly good. Since I so rarely play covers on the MMI podcast, I thought I’d pick Wet Roads instead since I’ve been assured that it’s actually one of their original songs. Still, I think I’ll include their Gnarls Barkley cover on a future edition of the MMI podcast anyway.

Divine SinnersCactus Rose
I’ve been fascinated by the DIY, almost simplistic, sound of this duo. I was therefore thrilled to see that they’ve now even extended this to a new video for one of their songs. It’s a superb rendition of life on a Gozitan farm today, even if there’s very much a firm tongue in cheek approach to the whole thing.  Watch the video and if, like me, you like this brand of quasi-anarcho-folk you’ll certainly appreciate that this band is on its way to make an indelible mark on the local music scene.

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