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Rolling in the Deep

Show notes for the 253rd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Bridget BoneMonkey Role
During my most recent visit to Malta I meant to attend the filming of what is presumably the upcoming video for this song, one Saturday afternoon. However, I was caught up in all sorts of other meetings, mostly relating to the M3P in one way or another. This is a cracking pop rock song and I’m sure it will receive considerable airplay on Maltese radio stations – possibly even making it to the very top of one or two top 10 charts. It’s exciting enough that I’m more than pleased to open this week’s podcast with it.

Here comes what is probably only the second band from Malta to include a didgeridoo. Unlike the other ethnic appropriation of this indigenous Australian instrument, KulTural marries this sound (and others) with the Maltese language in a delicious way. While this new sound comes from Malta, or rather Gozo (produced by Keith Anthony – of Chasing Pandora fame), it can be classified as a very Maltese-Australian vibe, but that’s only because of the distinctive sound of the Aboriginal instrument of choice. Even without that, KulTural is one of the most exciting new things to come out of the Maltese islands this year.

Marc GaleaInnu Malti
Equally exciting, but only for slightly different reasons, is a new recording by guitarist Marc Galea, which is a cool jazz take on Malta’s national anthem. This track is lifted from his forthcoming CD album, which is set to be released on the evening of the next M3P conference at St James Cavalier on Friday 3 June 2011. More about that in the coming weeks, of course, but meanwhile listen to this wonderful recording and you’ll never hear the national anthem in the same way ever again.

FootprintsMy Saviour
When the album 777 came out earlier this year from one of Malta’s foremost Christian rock bands, I played the track that was released to promote it, which appeared with an accompanying music video. To mark the Easter celebrations this year, Footprints are releasing this track from the album. This is quite appropriate for obvious reasons, but I would have liked to see a companion video too…but maybe I just missed it and it’s out there, or the song is simply too long for a video. In any case, Happy Easter y’all!

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