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Undisclosed Desires

Show notes for the 249th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Kelly Schembri caught the attention of the Maltese public a few weeks ago with her participation in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. As Kelly Stelfox she has teamed up with this London-based girl group to release a single, which opens this week’s podcast. A couple of the other singers in the group accompanied her in Malta but here they perform as quite a solid ensemble.

TheaCaught You Out
Not to be confused with Thea Garrett, Thea Saliba has been getting considerable airplay in Malta this year with this song, released late last year; to late, in fact, to be included in the MMI Listeners’ Picks Poll for 2010. I think that should entitle it to be nominated for this year’s MMI poll, but we’re still several months away from that. Perhaps she’ll release another recording making this remedial measure unnecessary.

MathematikalBlack Magic
When I first discovered this electronica duo about 5 years ago I was blown away by the distinctive sound they had come up with. I managed to catch them live at the sadly defunct Poxx Bar in Paceville a couple of years later, and my initial impression was confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt. I was therefore quite delighted to discover that they’ve returned with new material – or at least I hope it is, or at least it’s new to me. Time for their M3P page to be created, of course, before my memory starts playing more tricks on me.

RumbullRadio Rebelde
This UK-based Maltese hip hop artist released an album called Cut Throat Island a few months ago, and although I haven’t actually managed to get my hands on it, I came across one of the tracks on YouTube this week. It’s quite good, so I’ve decided to include it on this week’s podcast. I prefer my hip hop tracks in Maltese, but they’re equally delicious in English when the theme is clearly and distinctly Maltese, as it is here.

HooliganFuq in-Nisa
The pioneer of Maltese-language hip hop returns with a new track, just in time for Women’s Day…or so it would seem. In some ways this song reminds me of some of the stuff John Laus used to produce in the 1970s. Not sure what the similarity really is, or if this is just in my head. I wonder if anyone else familiar with Laus’ songs and life/style gets the same vibe out of this. In any case, there’s no denying that Hooligan is the quintessential Maltese hipster.

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