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Show notes for the 248th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

DuskThe Big Blue (Thinking of You)
A young new blues band from Malta. That’s one way to describe Dusk. Another way I’d describe them is to say that they exhibit great potential towards developing their own sound in the coming years, provided they stay together and open themselves up to all sort of new directions they could go towards. I, for one, will be listening to whatever else they throw our way next after this pleasant debut.

Red ElectrickPick Up The Phone
Taken from 2010’s smash hit album Vine Lady, which received the highest number of listeners votes on last year’s top picks poll, this is the new single from the band that also managed to top the singles and the music video categories. This release guarantees them a place in the 2011 Listeners’ Picks Poll, of course, but it also demonstrates that this band embraces a broader range of musical styles than a first listen might lead you to believe.

Thea GarrettFrontline
Hoping to move on from last year’s Eurovision disappointment, Thea returns with a solid pop single, which shows that she is certainly not a one trick pony. There’s a charming quality in her voice that I (and many others) like. This new song is the best I’ve ever heard her sound…certainly miles ahead of any of the countless covers we’ve been subjected to in the last couple of years. If she has learnt anything from her experiences to date, this teenage singer will possibly still blossom into one of Malta’s foremost pop singers in the coming years.

Martina BorgHold Me Till I’m Gone
Discovering this singers Reverbnation page and the variety of songs presented there was one of the joys I experienced in recent days, as I was trawling the internet for new material to include on the MMI series of podcasts. I had never seen or heard of her before but I certainly hope to hear much more from her in the coming months…and I’ll certainly, gladly, play another one of her songs in an upcoming edition of the MMI podcast.

Żdongraap & Vinnie SkillzKonnesjoni
Maltese-language hip hop is among the things I’ve discovered through my weekly podcasts and it has turned into one of my preferred genres of music from the Maltese islands. Vinnie Skills has appeared under various guises in previous editions of the MMI podcast, not least as a prominent member of Sixth Simfoni, but this is the first time I’ve heard him rap in Maltese. I’ve no idea (yet) who or what Żdongraap stands for, but judging by this track I certainly want to find out and see about what else there’s to discover and include in the future editions of my podcast.

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