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I Belong To You

Show notes for the 250th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Thomas HedleyBack in Time
There’s a small number of Maltese pop musicians who don’t fall into the “Eurovision” category and this makes them quite an anomaly where that category is almost a synonym for pop music. Hedley has always impressed me not just for this reason, but also because he writes catchy, radio-friendly songs, which he delivers in his distinctive voice. This new release is just another in what could be an international pop radio hit. If there’s a pop musician who deserves a greater audience it’s Thomas Hedley.

The Sylvan Aaron MassacreCome On (Come On)
I’ve enjoyed the music of Sylvan Borg for a number of years now, as anyone who listens to the MMI series can testify. I’m glad he’s teamed up with Doll 4 Idols drummer Aaron Sammut to come up with this new duo. This debut song, released tomorrow 20th March 2011, is certainly the most exciting sound he has ever produced, even if I still like his older (solo) material quite a lot. If radio stations in Malta don’t give this song plenty of airtime, the Maltese general public may never get to enjoy this young musician as we have been doing on the MMI podcast for several years. I believe there’s also going to be a promo video released with this song, and that should undoubtedly attract more attention to the debut from this duo.

Silent StringsOn the Road
About 10 months ago I introduced MMI podcast listeners to First Grain of Sand from another duo, made up of Andrew Tonna and Luke Bonavia. They’ve recorded some new material recently and sent me a couple of tracks to consider including on the MMI podcast. It’s quite amazing what you can do with home recording these days.

Joe S. GrechIr-Raħal
This veteran Maltese guitarist, who is best know as a member of the band New Cuorey throughout the 1970s and into the 1990s, has released a CD album entitled New Cuorey Instrumentals. It features new recordings of all the songs he wrote for the band as well as all their other hits written by others. The track I picked is quite a special one because it highlights his collaboration with his two sons Chris and Julian who are familiar names and faces on the rock and metal scene, through their bands Frenzy Mono and Nomad Son.

New CuoreyIt-Tunnara
While Joe S. Grech’s CD album of New Cuorey Instrumentals is currently the talk of the town for Maltese music lovers of all time, it’s obvious that listening to the original New Cuorey songs remains as delicious as ever. I picked on of the less known songs Joe co-wrote with Cuorey lyricist Anthony Fenech, showcasing his favourite theme: Mellieħa and the sea. Although written in 1979, to my ears this song remains as fresh today as it was over 30 years ago.

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  1. a few weeks after the release of this album,
    i am very pleased with the positive responce i am having towards this project,by anyone who listened to all the album.
    i like to thank all of you who are supporting this project,namely the press,radio and TV,the public,and Toni Sant for “lending me his ears”

    Anyone interested to purchase this CD album
    may contact me on the above Email adress.

    joe s grech

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