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Little By Little

Show notes for the 246th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Friday PMMilky Way
The M3P is slowly but surely becoming a place for me to discover material to include on my podcast. The years during which this band was active coincide with the first few years of my departure for Malta. During those years (before I started doing the MMI podcast in 2005) I had lost touch almost completely with the local music scene. I’m so glad to have discovered the music of Friday PM and the various recordings they made during the years they were together. This genre of music has rarely been recorded by Maltese musicians, and it makes it even more special just for that.

ZamphyrePrinces of Psychedelia
I was delighted to hear this relatively long track from a new band whose sound and musical style hark back to the late 1960s and early 1970s when Pink Floyd made this type of music obligatory listening for a whole generation. The song has a befitting title that almost fits this band because they are certainly not kings of psychedelia, even though they may have the potential to raise the genre to a notable status in the spectrum of music recordings made in Malta.

Ruben Zahra & MPOPastorale Pastiche
Again harking back to another time when unusual instruments were combined with orchestras, Ruben Zahra has finally managed to do what no one else before him really did with any success: introduce the Maltese traditional żaqq (bagpipe) into a piece of contemporary orchestral music as a solo instrument. Zahra’s Pastorale Pastiche is presented here from a video released recently of the concert given my the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra on 9 January 2011, better known as the President’s New Year Concert.

The GranulesThe Gut
A few months ago I placed a track from the defunct Maltese rock band Lord Adder. I also mentioned that their singer, Mark Spiteri, is now working with a new group, which back then was working under the name The Gut Lads. That band has now become The Granules and one of their very first recordings, released with a YouTube slideshow featuring photos from the glory days of Strada Stretta/Strait Strett in Valletta, certainly embodies the name the band had originally adopted. This is all marvelous stuff for the M3P and I’m sure others will enjoy it too in other contexts, for which it is actually intended.

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