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Somewhere Only We Know

Show notes for the 241st Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Funk InitiativeForget It
Fresh sound from a new band I’m looking forward to hearing more from. I have a feeling they would be fun to watch live too. I don’t know why I think that. Perhaps it’s because the word funk exudes a very positive vibe to me…even if the music this band plays cannot exactly be classified as funk.

Bletchley ParkRun to the Moon
Staying in the public eye after a very eventful year and what potentially could be their breakthrough year, Bletchly Park draw attention to this song as a way to broaden the listenership to tracks they recorded for their debut album From Bletchley, With Love, which was released last year. They now have a good looking page on the M3P too, even though it’s could do with more details about what they’ve been up to since they came together.

Brian VassalloMemoirs of a Lifetime Part 7
I’ve had the pleasure of playing the music of Brian Vassallo on previous editions of the MMI podcast. So I was delighted when he sent me a copy of his new CD album. Beautifully produced in a jewel case with a multi-page full-colour booklet, the CD is quite unusual for the Maltese music scene, particularly because all but the introductory track on it bear the name of the album itself split into 8 parts. Fans of Jean Michele Jarre and his ilk will undoubtedly relish every minute of this CD. I highly recommend it.

Robert GaleaGod Doesn’t Make Rubbish
A few weeks ago Bishop Joe Grech passed away in Australia. Understandably his flock is still mourning this charismatic religious leader, so I thought it would be appropriate to include this song he co-wrote with his protege Fr Rob Galea, who was ordained to the priesthood just a couple of months ago. Galea has a new album out too, so I’ll be playing you another track from him it in the coming weeks since this song is only available via iTunes, where it’s the most downloaded track by this young singing/songwriting priest.

Winter MoodsForward to Yesterday
To keep the flame on the massive celebrations for the 25 years together, Winter Moods have released this track from the CD album Argento, which came out  last year, for radio air play from this coming Monday. It’s not as memorable as many of their other songs, but I’m sure that their many fans will be pleased to hear the band on the radio with a different song than the ones that have filled the airwaves in recent years.

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