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Rolling in the Deep

Show notes for the 242nd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Joe MizziAngels Fall
During my last MMI podcast in 2010 I promised to play another track from Joe Mizzi’s new CD album Angels Fall once it came out. Well, it’s now out so I’ve opened this week’s podcast with the title track from it. Not much else to add to what I already said to recommend this album…what matter is that you hear it, or at least listen to some tracks from it.

Saving AlexisOcean Deep
One of last year’s major newcomers on the Malta music scene returns with a new single. Brandishing an unashamed solid pop rock beat, this band is very radio friendly, at least by current Maltese tastes. Personally I’d like to hear something a little different from them, but they certainly don’t disappoint with this follow-up to last summer’s Lipstick Lies.

The FreudsOut of Time
I’ve been looking forward to a decent recording from this band for quite some time and they’ve finally released their debut track with an accompanying video that makes the wait rather worthwhile. If there’s more to come in this vein in the coming months, sign me up and keep me posted.

Hardcore metal is a genre I thoroughly enjoy including on the MMI podcast from time to time. It’s not something I listen to all the time, but the occasional track or two really energize me and fill me with youthful juices, the likes of which not many forty-somethings still have flowing through their bodies. This is the first time I’ve ever heard anything by Halycon but if they keep producing tracks like this one I’m sure I’ll be playing their stuff on future editions of the MMI podcast.

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