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All You Need Is Now

Show notes for the 243rd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Jon LukasThis Time
A few days ago I was very pleasantly surprised to see a video recording of a clip from an Iran television show, which originally aired in 1972, featuring Malta’s best 1970s pop music export Jon Lukas. This vintage video clip was uploaded to Facebook by Shahram Doodman, an Iranian man who lives in London. The show was called Cheshmak and it was hosted by Iranian pop superstar Googosh. This clip is now being used to explore with the very first inclusion of video on the M3P.

Natalie GauciSad Eyes
The former Australian Idol is still going strong, even though she is now no longer under contract with Sony. Away from the pressure of producing pop hits, she’s still writing delightful songs such as this one, which she has chosen to share in its demo stage through her personal YouTube channel. There’s no denying that Natalie has a beautiful voice, and this song showcases it quite nicely.

Phyllisienne BrincatStop the Traffic: Human Slavery
Another video that caught my attention a few days ago consists of found footage edited together by Phylisienne Brincat for her new song about human trafficking, which is quite a dreadful crime. The song was co-written with Nick Partis, who is also responsible for the lyrics. Kyle Drakard, the singer’s son, provides some smoking guitar work on this recording. He’s only a young teenager, but at this rate he’s bound to be a major force on the local music scene, if not beyond, in the coming years.

Vince FabriKull Sekonda
When Annabelle Vassallo succumb to the cancer that has brought her to public attention in Malta, it was quite evident to anyone interested in contemporary culture within the Maltese islands that a major public figure had died. To mark her passing, I think it’s most appropriate to play Vince Fabri’s song inspired by her exceptional zest for life in the face of the painful adversity that eventually led to her death. This version of the song comes from the concert Fabri gave to mark his 50th birthday at the end of March last year. Annabelle was present for that show, so it’s doubly fitting to feature this recording during today’s podcast.

Dylan DebonoNervous Wreck
From time to time I discover new songs that seem to come out of nowhere. This one appeared on Facebook from a student of neuroscience who simply needed a good break from his studies during this mid-year exam period. It’s quite a good song even though the DIY production quality is very evident on the recording. To my mind this only makes the song more authentic.

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